Joyridge & The Baedeker Guide

A Baedeker is a series of guidebooks which were tremendously popular from ca 1850 and well into this century. The first of the series was published by Karl Baedeker (1801-1859) and was a guide to the river Rhine. Like tourists are generally identified by cameras and maps in the late 20th century, anyone carrying the little red book, which contained detailed maps and descriptions, advice about hotels, cabs and even time-tables, indicated a tourist in the beginning of the 20th century.

...what are you doing here? Are you doing the church? Are you through with the church?'
'No,' cried Lucy, remembering her grievance. 'I came here with Miss Lavish, who was to explain everything; and just by the door - it is too bad! - she simply ran away, and after waiting quite a time I had to come in by myself.'
'Why shouldn't you?' said Mr Emerson.
'Yes, why shouldn't you come by yourself?' said the son, addressing the young lady for the first time.
'But Miss Lavish has even taken away Baedeker.'
'Baedeker?' said Mr Emerson. 'I'm glad it's that that you minded. It's worth minding, the loss of a Baedeker. That's worth minding.'
Lucy was puzzled. She was again conscious of some new idea, and was not sure whither it would lead her.
'If you've no Baedeker,' said the son, 'you'd better join us.'

E.M. Forster. A Room with a View, p. 42 ( (1908)

From Van Arum's notes, "Burbank with a Baedeker: Bleistein with a Cigar"

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