Baedecker Guide
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May 18th! - "The West County Watershed Day Art Show".
Salmon Creek Watershed Day

10 - 4 pm at The Salmon Creek Middle School, 1935 Bohemian Hwy.
(Between Freestone and Occidental)

This is a painting of Elephant Rocks on a Pozzi Ranch by Bill Morehouse.
Like the first Watershed Day, this all day event will bring together neighbors in the areas surrounding Occidental, Freestone, Bodega and Salmon Creek to learn more about our shared home.
This free event will include music, school projects, artwork, great food, poetry and games as well as presentations, workshops, and slide shows on such watershed topics as local history, rejuvenating septic systems, creek care and restoration, wildlife corridors, well monitoring, and aquatic biology. There will be a video tour of the Watershed as well as many video histories from our wonderful long time neighbors.
Visit Adam Wolpert's excellent site!

A Classical, lyrical painter drawing from the immediacy of plein air.
From Adam's site:
"During the last few years I have been dividing my painting time between outdoor landscape painting and studio work. The studio work has lately been focused on the "silent circle" series which I am still continuing to explore. Out of doors, I have begun a painting project, spending a year doing small paintings on an almost daily basis. My next exhibition will be at the Presidio in San Francisco in 2001, information will be posted soon."

The North Coast Four!

Four extraordinary artists painting the be-jeepers out of the Marin-Sonoma Coastal region.
Head to this new site: to get a good experience of their art and how they arrive at such rich expressions through unique, and diverse reflections of this area.
Jocelyn Audette
Dana Hawley
Linda Kammer
Hanya Popova Parker

Bill Wheeler
Bill Wheeler creates a strong relationship between the artist, subject and viewer. Whether it may be a figurative scene placidly revealed in watercolor, or a rich, pulse drive of an earth-born oil, reaching and grasping presense from the due urgence of the meetings of land, sea whatever the natural energy translated into the artiist/viewing observer, as participant relationship.

Michelle Bellefeuille
Visit a Gallery of
figurative and plein air landscape works in a unique style.

Cathy Richardson
{Blue backgrouind piece to the right...} Sculpture exquisitly re-defining objects, spacial relationships, motion, light and time.
That just about covers it.

Ron Rodgers
A Bronze sculptor with a flying vision.

Powerserge... Fine Sculpture from Freestone!
"Fire and metal Sublimate ideas and feelings Into multi-dimentional objects Offered for your enjoyment."

Claude Smith {That's Claude there to the left, on the floor either working or picking up after a puppy}
Powerful abstract paintings from a classical background. A hoot and a half with the insouisance to match.
Visit his fine site

Wally Hedrick!... Here's a couple links to a wonderful painter, Co-Founder of 6 Gallery in San Francisco, that'll kick you in the pants. Rock solid painting statements designed to shake up clone-think. And a darn fine Proprietor of "Wally's Fix-it Shop"...
First, an interview with a Sonoma County Weekly (or as Wally may put it, "A Weakly"), The Sonoma County Independent...
Here's a fine article about Wally with some works from a super Art-Zine Left Coast Art Magazine!

The Donkey Barn Artist's Studio
Weekly figurative sessions. Highly accomplished Artists hone skills, experiment and interact in a comfortable atmosphere.

Elfi Chester...

Elfi is as fine an artist as she is a wonderful, wonderful person. Visit her fun site with an array of works that offer a variety of delights.

Diane Knopf Senia
The work to the right is from her contributions to "Confronting Cancer through Art.

Robin Johnson.... Here are a couple photos. These were her contributions to "Confronting Cancer Through Art".

Here's a link to the very important and healing site, "Confronting Cancer through Art"

Joy Fibben
An Artist who translates the ephemeral delights of light. See Joy's work of Salmon Creek Road at the top left of The Joyridge Gallery.
Jack Stuppin's work graces galleries and museums across the country. He travelled and has shown as a member of the memorable Sonoma Four, with Bill Morehouse, Tony King and Bill Wheeler.
The work ot the right is titled Pozzi Ranch. Ed Pozzi passed away recently. He was a very special man. A Rancher who valued family, home and the land he loved as much as anyone possibly could. There will be much, much more about Ed in The Joyridge Gallery very soon... including one of his Artworks that has never been shown before.
A special tip of the hat to Jack Stuppin for his caring and generous art donations at the many environmental and charitable auctions and programs in Sonoma County. Thank you, Jack.
Visit his fine web-site,, to learn more about Jack and view his galleries where you have the opportunity to purchase works.

David Hamilton
A Sculptor defining space with comtemporary views of time and legend.

Jim Grant
Metal work with a breath-taking reach... from the ranch gate opening into a new and open horizon, realm...

Tony King
Landscape expressions with a "thinking" brush.

Kathy Mason-Lerner A colorist who layers transcending impressions. Landscapes grace her paintings and fine burl Screens that conceal everyday trappings while opening a view from the artist...

More to arrive...