Ahhh.... yeah. This painting on the left, byJoy Fibben, shows a walk down Salmon Creek Road... So it's not exactly on Joyridge, per se... picky, picky, picky. . It's just below the southern end, so write a letter while you enjoy the walk. Jake, next to these words, is walking up the ridge, a mile to the east of the painting site. Gotcher bearings? There will be a lot of Artists and links that go beyond this ridge. It's the thought that counts. Scroll down this frame and read a little more about this knockout watershed cusp.

Joy Road rides the backbone of a Northern California coastal ridge. From the southern end, one looks out toward The Point Reyes Lighthouse, Mt. Tamalpais and The Farrallon Islands. Westward are the steep wind-cut hills and creeks winding down to The Pacific's constant surf ruffle. The North looks over The Russian River and beyond, further up the craggy coastline thick Redwood forests dodging corporate over-cutting.

On and around this ridge are artists of every medium immaginable. Writers, Painters, Sculptors are more obvious. The real treasure may be more subtle. The Folks who live their art every day. Those who have never become jaded by the overwhelming natural beauty. The ones who still pause during a delivery to enjoy a new view. People who un-rushed, cut boughs for Christmas wreaths.

This Gallery feels deep gratitude to the unsung artists. The kids, and those with enough kid-stuff in them to walk around looking AND seeing. Amazement bordering terminal befuddlement.